Saturday, November 29, 2008

Macchu Picchu and other ruinas

Wow! This place is mind blowing. You look at these buildings and you know that it´s impossible for someone to have built them up here hundreds of years ago, but there they are...
The mountains are almost more beautiful and impressive than the ruins are. The hike up to Wanyu Picchu is great, and is quite similar to angel´s landing in Zion, Utah, only it´s green and there are really old precariously perched ruins to wander through.
I came to aguas caliente (macchu picchu peublo) the back way. Bus from Cuzco to Santa Maria, then taxi to the hydroelectric dam. After that it´s just a 2 hour walk to aguas caliente.
I walked up to Macchu Picchu at 5 and beat most of the buses. I also passed about 30 hikers on the way. Yeah campcraft!
Be Well friends!


Mom and Dad said...

Hi Steve,
So glad that you got to Macchu Picchu. Must have been wonderful at 5AM. Maybe we'll go someday.
Hope you are able to get around not knowing Spanish. Not sure how you know where to catch all the transportation you need to get to Chile (trains, buses and taxis). I'm sure you will have many tales when you get home. Andy says hello. He's off for interviews for the residency program in the next few weeks. Love you, MOM and DAD

Mom and Dad said...

Hello Steve,
Andy is going to call Sybil to meet up with her in NYC. When do you go to Chile? Love You, DAD

Saltash Sunrise said...

Hi Steve. I envy you enormously to be traipsing around at Macchu Picchu. Hope you're well. Solstice Party is Sunday, the 21st. Sorry you won't be here.

Nancy said...

Hey Steve,

i am thrilled you got to Macchu Picchu. It does twist the mind in facing the seemingly impossible! We will miss your presence at the Solstice....but know we will be celebrating the shortest day of the year, while you are celebrating the Summer Solstice and the longest day! You will be here for sure! Thanks for the blog! Love, Rill