Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is an update about all the lack of updates... I am still here. I am in Santiago Chile and will have pictures to put up soon. I finished working on a wwoof farm north west of Santiago with Jessie and Katie. They have headed back toward the northern reaches, and I am travelling solo again. We worked at 3 farms in Olmue. The coolest of which was owned by an old Chillian farmer named Don Luis, who loves the land, and his tomatoes...

I´ve been in Santiago for 4 days or so now and actually like it for a city. The downtown has something like 10 square blocks of pedestrian streets, and in the main plaza their are painters and it smells like oil paint when you walk through. I had a delicious fried eel at the market, and split a delicious corn chicken kind of sheppard´s pie with the girls...

Today I walked to a park and went to 3 museums, all for less than a dollar. The first was a really cool children´s art museum that was packed with summer vacation kids learning about art. The I walked around the Museum of natural history and a compleatly empty Museum of modren art.

We went to a Frida and Diego exibit the other day and that was really sweet. Something I wanted to run into while I am down here.

OK until next time... Be Well Friends.

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