Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hola mi amigos... thought I would put up a few photos of Arequipa and send along the news...
This week in Peru... many people urinated on the street, a mother was seen helping a little boy do this.
also the church had an anniversary. The locals celebreted by getting drunk and urinating on the church...
Also, gringos went to the convent.

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Mom and Dad said...

Dear Steve,
So glad you are doing fine. Did you meet up with Jessie and Katie? How was the wedding? Steve, you are not in Kansas anymore. ENJOY the cultural diversity of the area! Even eating Guinea pigs... We're sure you will have wonderful memories of Peru and Argentina.
By the way - Pete and Stephanie's puppy died on Saturday morning. It was 10 days old and probably had a virus. Stopped eating on Thursday. They are quite upset about the death.
Keep adding to your BLOG - we'll keep checking it for new additions.
Love MOM and DAD