Saturday, November 29, 2008

Macchu Picchu and other ruinas

Wow! This place is mind blowing. You look at these buildings and you know that it´s impossible for someone to have built them up here hundreds of years ago, but there they are...
The mountains are almost more beautiful and impressive than the ruins are. The hike up to Wanyu Picchu is great, and is quite similar to angel´s landing in Zion, Utah, only it´s green and there are really old precariously perched ruins to wander through.
I came to aguas caliente (macchu picchu peublo) the back way. Bus from Cuzco to Santa Maria, then taxi to the hydroelectric dam. After that it´s just a 2 hour walk to aguas caliente.
I walked up to Macchu Picchu at 5 and beat most of the buses. I also passed about 30 hikers on the way. Yeah campcraft!
Be Well friends!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hola mi amigos... thought I would put up a few photos of Arequipa and send along the news...
This week in Peru... many people urinated on the street, a mother was seen helping a little boy do this.
also the church had an anniversary. The locals celebreted by getting drunk and urinating on the church...
Also, gringos went to the convent.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lima dos!

Well, I´m just going to talk to the internet because it´s a huge pain in the butt to talk to anyone else here but the dog. That being said a surprisingly large number of dogs here wear shirts...

This week in Lima... APEC!

That´s right tons of Asian summiters and trades people as well as world leaders will turn out for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperaion...
Rumormill in Lima says that USA´s own President Bush is going to show.

Which gets me thinking... Bush never visited Vermont while in office did he? Knowing King Bush the second may be able to navigate this vast desert city makes me think this gringo can too. This would mark Bush´s second visit to Lima during his reign.


Just a quick entry from Lima...
I have arrived safely and met up with my couch surfing host with no problems. We are staying at her cousin´s apartment in Lima, somewhere between the city center and the hip tourist bourgh of miraflores. With all the worry before the trip (must be from the Milaria meds), Lima is actually a lot cleaner and more friendly than expected. I prefer it to San Jose, Costa Rica, and am already getting more comfortable here.

Be well friends...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello readers.  This is my first test post of my travel Blog.
Currently I am in a Rutland, Vermont coffee shop/ pottery painting studio, drinking a Latte. 
In one week I will travel to Lima, Peru.
I am going to couch surf with a woman named Angelina who is a drummer in a band in Lima.  I met her on, which i recommend everybody checks into.  I am planning to couch surf for much of the 4 months in South America...