Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lima dos!

Well, I´m just going to talk to the internet because it´s a huge pain in the butt to talk to anyone else here but the dog. That being said a surprisingly large number of dogs here wear shirts...

This week in Lima... APEC!

That´s right tons of Asian summiters and trades people as well as world leaders will turn out for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperaion...
Rumormill in Lima says that USA´s own President Bush is going to show.

Which gets me thinking... Bush never visited Vermont while in office did he? Knowing King Bush the second may be able to navigate this vast desert city makes me think this gringo can too. This would mark Bush´s second visit to Lima during his reign.

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Mom and Dad said...

Hello Steve,
Mom and I will follow your adventures as you write. Love DAD